Cars I Drive: BMW 330i xdrive

Maneesh Nanda, Co-owner Dairy Queen Franchises. Photo: Benjamin Zaharik.

By Junita Thakorlal

The round, black and white symbol of the BMW is a mark of excellence and luxury that is one of the most recognized brands in the world and ranked by Forbes in the top 20 for the World’s Most Valuable Brands. To Maneesh Nanda, owning one isn’t just about the prestige and status which he claims is an added bonus, but it’s about the functionality.

He and his partner Rahul purchased their first Dairy Queen franchise in 2009 and now own six in Vancouver, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Tsawwassen, Hope, and Princeton. “The BMW is perfect for me since I do a lot of driving,” shares Nanda. “I’ve driven at least 50,000 kilometers this year already so having a car that is sleek to look at and decent on mileage is exactly what I look for.”

Nanda hails from a fashion and business background where he says your image reflects how you feel, thus transforming how others perceive you. The BMW 330i xdrive is a perfect blend of functionality and indulgence for him with a practical price tag of less than $50,000.

Why I drive a 330i:

  1. Service

I love that everything about the vehicle is no-hassle. I have a service package, so I don’t pay for anything extra every time I bring my car for servicing.

  1. Tires

The car has run-flat tires which means that if I ever get a flat tire, they will auto-inflate with enough air so that I can drive to a safe place.

  1. Roadside Assistance

I also love the BMW Roadside Assistance which sends a flatbed tow truck anywhere I am, which is included in my service package. Just knowing that BMW has me covered no matter how much I drive and where I may break down is a relief for me.

  1. Luxury Interior

The interior is sleek, compact, and minimalistic. All the bells and whistles are built into the dash so it’s very clean-looking inside which appeals to me. It’s like wearing a fitted glove, I appreciate it every day.

Confession: I eat in my car, but I clean it almost every week.

Favourite past-time: Hiking at Hemlock Mountain or Joffrey Lake where my car is reliable and serves me well.

My first car: Pontiac Firefly

My dream car: Range Rover for when I don’t need to drive such distances