Empowered Women: Finding a Perfect Balance

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by Deepak Jayakar

Globalization, new technology, and a 24/7 economy have blurred today’s woman and how she asserts her personal identity. Feng Shui can help.

Not only do women need to be smart, think fast, make money and stay beautiful, but the pressures of society, family, media, religion, and work require women to be superhuman. The perfect woman is a wife, a mother, a boss, an employee, takes on the majority of the household chores and decisions, and is a man’s best friend.

In this day and age, expectations for the average woman have become so high that anything less than perfect can sometimes be damaging. Feng Shui can provide the kind of support that will help women create thriving and rewarding lives that are full of recognition, glamour and respect. Here are few simple, yet powerful and exciting Feng Shui tips to help empower women to balance it all:

Your willpower is strongest when you have good quality sleep. It will increase your mind’s concentration and make your focus laser sharp. Ensure your bed headboard is placed against a solid wall and away from the door and disruptive elements. It is recommended to display the picture of a mountain scene over your headboard for emotional stability and to boost your confidence. Having cool, calming and balanced décor promotes healthy energy flow while you are asleep, which supports healthy rejuvenation of your brain and body cells. Lavender, purple and pink are ideally a woman’s success colors (Oprah’s success colour is purple, just saying!).

You need to have a retreat room where you can recharge your batteries and reflect. This can be your hobby room, yoga room or den, or find any spot in your garden. If you have no room, try to find a spot in the park or public library. It is vital to reclaim yourself to find out who you are, what your purpose is in life, what makes you happy, and where you want to see yourself in future. This mental exercise is very important to get your internal energy pumping.

Positive Affirmations.
Surround yourself with happy auspicious affirmations, symbols and décor. By creating positive and meaningful interactions with your environment, you will generate good vibes which promote peace, prosperity and success. Display photos of your friends, happy events and celebrations in the east sector; display awards, trophies, medals and achievement certificates on the south wall; display travel or vacation photos is the northwest sector. Remember, a space that radiates love, happiness and abundance present those same feelings and opportunities to you in life.

Southwest Sector.
In any house, apartment or room, the southwest sector is considered the Woman’s Sector. Make this sector strong by displaying crystals. In 2018, heavenly luck star #6 can make women higher achievers. It is great year for every woman to start new career, business or venture. To experience your dreams coming true, place your vision board or wish list in this area, and keep it brightly lit, and free of clutter. You can also burn aromas or scented candles to activate the lucky energies in this sector.

Times have changed, women are an important part of today’s modern society where her opinion matters, and her individual identity is recognized. Auspicious Feng Shui can empower you further by bringing about the energy you may need to enhance your talents and abilities so that you can live the life of your choice.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deepak is Canada’s most popular and sought-after designer and Feng Shui Master. With over 25 years of experience, his passion for design has allowed him transform projects into outstanding spaces.