FENG SHUI for Love & Marriage


Deepak Jayakar

By Deepak Jayakar – These days to improve relationships many people have increasingly turned to Feng Shui remedies hoping to find a solution for their woes. Keeping this view in mind this article focuses on the specific methods that can be used to harness non-material, but nonetheless attractive benefits that can be gained from practice of feng shui.

In order for you to improve your relationships luck you need to know your Nien Yin – or personal relationship direction. This is the Pa-kua direction that affects your love life. The easiest thing you can do to activate your personal relationship is to sleep with your head pointing towards your Nien Yin direction. The other most popular relationship enhancer in feng shui is the pair of Mandarin Ducks. They are recognized as symbol of strong and long-lasting relationships. You can place this figurine in the SW corner of your bedroom, house or even your office in order to improve your relationship luck.
When the SW, NW and NE areas of your home are cluttered, missing from your floor plan, or suffering from sha chi (harmful energy) it can be difficult to find and maintain a good relationship. Also when chi(energy) flows too strongly, you may feel out of control, overly emotional, or anxious much of the time. Communication becomes more difficult, and relationships can become unstable.
115 Love & Romance WallpapersAnother powerful remedy that can improve your relationship or romance luck is the rose (pink) quartz crystals. Rose quartz, also popularly known as the ‘love stone’, is ideal for love and relationship due to its ability to stimulate passion, energy and confidence. These crystals should also be placed in the Nien Yin corner or SW corner of your bedroom or house. Theses crystals can also be worn as a necklace or bracelet, or by carrying them in your purse to improve your love prospects.
Marital or romantic happiness is a critical component of a happy, well-lived life. Of course, one of the keys to an effective partnership is having the relationship on solid romantic footing. A good place to start is where it all starts: the bedroom. Feng Shui has stringent rules regarding the bedroom. Fortunately these rules are designed with romance in mind.
Never have large mirrors in the bedroom that either face you each time you lie on the bed or situated above you, reflecting you when you sleep. Mirrors in the bedroom just opposite the bed are very inauspicious feng shui for relationship and suggest the intrusion of a third party coming between them or encouraging them to be unfaithful towards each other.
Never have any water feature or picture of large ocean/lake in the bedroom. Also avoid use of strong blue color in the bedroom. Presence of strong water element in bedroom usually makes relationship unstable and if you are single, will find difficulty attracting love partner.

To secure and enhance your existing love/romance or to attract new love you can always try following tips:

• Place “Laughing Budha” in SW or NE corner to improve relationship luck.
• If you are looking for your dream-lover, place pair of mandarin ducks, facing each other in SW.
• Place picture of Eifel Tower in NW to attract Mr. Right OR picture of Statue of Liberty in SW to attract Mrs. Right.
• Display Sign of Double Happiness in SW or in your personal relationship direction.
• Hang clear crystal in NE corner to avoid misunderstanding, arguments, doubts and infidelity in love relationship
• Display picture of red peonies in bedroom or in SW to enhance love, passion, closeness and intimacy in love.
• Carry in your wallet your personal Peach Blossom Star (this depends on your birthdate)
• During 2013, you can activate your Romance Star by burning Aroma or Scented candles in southeast.

“Feng Shui for Relationship” is a very vast subject, to confine its all aspects in this article is impossible. I have tried my level best to deal with most common problems of our modern living.

Good Luck with your NEW feng shui outlook and Many Blessings!!!