The Great Dive into Real Estate


Being prepared when buying property is very important, particularly in the Vancouver area.  The West Coast city is recognized as the best place to live in North America and 5th in the world according to Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings, and so it’s no wonder so many families want to make Vancouver their home! 

Purchasing a home can be a stressful task.  Remain open minded, realistic and rational when buying real estate. The experience can also be a great one, just be prepared and organized with some help from a few professionals in the industry. Namely: a mortgage broker, a real estate agent, an inspector and a lawyer.

Begin by talking to a mortgage broker and getting a pre-approval, so that you know what your mortgage limit is, as it helps in setting realistic parameters.  Then, find a real estate agent that will work hard to help achieve your desired result. Real estate agents are able to set up a direct email system, to notify their client or themselves, the moment a property within the set criteria becomes available!

Buying a property is an investment, so don’t be deterred from older properties. Get in there and get painting, fixing and repairing, because finding a perfect home within the budget may be difficult. Be open to getting down and dirty and really earning that sweat equity.

Try to schedule showings as soon as possible and avoid the open house if possible, as they are not ideal. View the property, decide if it’s a contender and move on.  If it’s the one, have your real estate agent submit an offer immediately. Try to make the offer as clean as possible, be flexible with dates, and give an incentive of some sort.

Remember that being a buyer can be a great experience. Everyone desires health, wealth, and happiness in life. Buying real estate is still and will always be a good start to achieving wealth. Just keep in mind it is an investment, so be patient and prepared.

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