Henna Haven

Mehndi: Mehndi By Iti, Model: Amrita Atwal, Stylist: Junita Thakorlal, Photo: A Master Media

Mehndi is the mark of a bride. With origins dating back to Ancient Egypt where Cleopatra was said to have adorned her body with henna tattoos, we must say that she was onto something.

Today, mehndi is done in so many different patterns influenced by different regions in the world. In Vancouver alone, there are an estimated 60 professional henna artists, some of whom are pretty talented in producing what brides want. From depictions of the bride and groom, to the regal elephant and peacock, to beautiful lotus flowers with swirls all around, there are a variety of patterns that one can choose from.

What’s hot this year is the comeback of kumkum, the red paste used to create bindis, shown here adorning the fingertips and toes. This look was inspired by Chetna Kava with London-based CK Creatives, and created by Iti Chandra of Mehndi By Iti.