Your hard work will be financially rewarded. You will see that the positivity of summer lets you work to accomplish your goals and chase what you want, especially in for matters of the heart. While Venus transits your romance sector from July 28-August 20, 2019, your charm is easy and natural. 

Forget about your responsibilities for a little bit take some much needed time for you! If you haven’t done so yet, book your vacation to recharge your batteries. However, watch your spending this summer. As Mercury is in retrograde from July 7 to 31, and it rules your romance sector, watch for a slowdown in your romantic relationships and manage them accordingly.

Boredom and lack of motivation is leaving you feeling a little fed up with your routine but hang in there. However, as Saturn transits through your intimacy sector until December 2020, it’s a time for sorting out matters of sharing, intimacy, and finances or power dynamics in a close relationship. It’s time to take your romantic relationship seriously.

Until December, Jupiter is moving through your work and health sector, and you can be pouring a lot of energy into your work, daily routines, and health pursuits. This is a time of special self-care. Hold your head up high; don’t let others try to take your joy. This can be a make-or-break period, your committed relationships are about to become serious.

This summer you have few obstacles and slowdowns. You are in a period of career/reputation journey so you may find it difficult to completely block out your worries and sources of stress. There can be some restlessness, but it’s usually sated by finding more ways to express yourself creatively and romantically. Concentrate your energies on the essential things in life; you won’t be spending the summer alone.

You are really looking forward to getting away from your working duties as well as your tedious daily routine. You have increasingly less pressure on you than you’ve had for some time, and this is set to improve further by the end of the year when Jupiter will enter your romance sector. Until then, try to relax and not spend your time worrying about things you know will never work out.

Make sure all the loose ends are tied up, you really are pushing yourself to the limits in order to impress professionally. Uranus is the ruler of your romance sector, and happens to move through your intimacy sector this summer so things are going to rev up – try to find balance with intensity in your relationship and your professional life. There can be heavier responsibilities this year at home that can weigh you down emotionally.

Your mind is everywhere; you may have trouble focusing your energies on any one thing at a time. Saturn will attract sometimes demanding projects so you may have a tough time unwinding – your partner will be your rock over the difficult months to come and will support you through thick and thin. If you are an entrepreneur, you will find much success. You may come across more stern or intimidating than you realize! 

The tense atmosphere at work, and at times in your personal life, means you are really looking forward to the start of a new season – like a rebirth, rediscovering your independence and spark as you say good bye to things that no longer serve you. Uranus moves into your work and health sector so you will notice business success which is expected to continue all year except during Mercury retrograde in July and November.

Your work tasks are building up, but your motivation and determination are waning heavily. Watch for sending out vibes that may be pushing others away. Jupiter transiting your privacy sector until December makes this theme especially relevant. With Saturn in the foreground and Jupiter in the background until December, you can be quite self-protective and withdrawn, which may limit your love life.

You need to be careful with your heart this summer. Your romance sector is ruled by quick-moving Mercury which retrogrades in July which can bring confusion and communication problems, along with the reappearance of old flames. It’s a good time for slowing down, reviewing your situation, and gaining a new perspective on problem areas.

During Mercury retrograde in July, you may feel a little harried or misunderstood but the effect won’t last long. People will find you irresistible this summer, and when you step out everyone’s eyes will be on you! Passion and sensuality will invade your summer months and will liven up your relationships. If you are single, summer won’t be the best time for you to meet your soul mate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the sun!