ITTI Program: Kashmir Hundal


Surrey: Kashmir Hundal passed his electrical Red Seal Certificate on July 6, 2014 with an 84% score! After arriving in Canada in 2008, Kashmir started working as an Electrical Helper for his uncle, who owns OJ Electric Ltd, an electrical company.
Kashmir dreams of running his own company one day, so he attended the Sprott-Shaw Community College to attain a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration, specializing in Accounting.
He would like to combine his training and experience in business and the electrical field, but felt that he required his Red Seal first.
He came to the Immigrant Trades Training Initiative (ITTI) program at DIVERSEcity, and attained the funding he required for the Red Seal Refresher course at the Blue Star Learning Centre. He passed the exam with flying colour upon his first attempt this summer.
At this time, Kashmir is still working with his uncle, and is continuing to gain a lot of experience in the electrical field. He says that he hopes to follow in his uncle’s footsteps. Kashmir believes that he is well on his way to success, and has many ideas for a great future!

About the Immigrant Trades Training Initiative (ITTI)Program:
The Immigrants Trade Training Initiative (ITTI) program is designed to help immigrants achieve employment in the trades’ professions in their chosen field. Through ITTI, new immigrants are able to gain labour market information and be informed on Canadian certification processes as well as Industry Training Authority (ITA) apprenticeship and Red Seal certification rules and procedures.
The program has ongoing intakes and provides monthly workshops that cover employment related subjects.
The program focuses on preparing and educating immigrants on qualifications required to gain Canadian work experience. This may involve assessment of training and education needs, what financial supports are required, and defining previous work experience and level of language skills.

For more information about the ITTI program, please contact Peter Sajgalik at 604-547-2031 or via email