Lion (PG) **** Movie Review


Separations at birth can be troublesome. Settle in for the journey of a lifetime with Lion. Based on real events this engaging movie from EOne Entertainment and the Weinstein Company ought to be heard Loud and clear come Oscar time. And rightfully so. Check out this inspirational story at the Fifth Avenue and International Village cinemas and select Cineplex Odeon theatres across B.C.

Say the word India and all sorts of imagery comes to mind. Known for its historic poverty which still seems to be with us despite he modern day hustle and bustle of the emerging middle class perhaps this majestic nation is most famous for its large population. Sorry China. Imagine the trauma that besets a family of three when two young brothers can’t find one another at a busy train station.

Panic sets in when a young boy goes on the ride of his life leaving an older brother in disarray and an adoring mother at wit’s end. Standout acting sees two young boys set this story in motion only to be picked up years later in of all places Australia where this boy child makes a new home. An older Dev Patel (Slum Dog Millionaire) gives his all as the now mature lost lad who makes a new home with a foster family of sorts. New mom Nicole Kidman has a thing for Indian children and over time you see the conflict rage as two families from afar try to reunite.

Solid acting and a wonderful atmosphere turn Lion into an intimate portrait of brotherly love and the importance of family and never giving up. Heartfelt in all respects Lion is easily one of the finest movies of any year with compelling considerate characters who whose plight will impress you endlessly.


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