Lonely in Love

Balance the Yin and Yang energy of your home to balance your love life


By: Deepak Jayakar

Loving and being loved adds richness to our lives. Without love, life wouldn’t be as worthwhile. Feng Shui experts believe that by purposefully and intentionally arranging your environment, you can have better chances of a flourishing love life. Specifically, your home.

There are many architectural elements can cause stress in a relationship. Feng Shui follows the bagua map so let’s divide your house according to the East, South, West sections. Now, let’s focus on the spaces in your home that will attract and radiate love.

In Feng Shui, the SW sector is feminine (yin) and NW sector is masculine (yang) – having both creates balance and harmony in your home but missing one will skew the energy and cause instability in the marriage.

Feminine Yin Energy
The matriarchal corner that creates nurturing luck, attracts love, romance and caring energy is the South West corner.

Do’s: Female energy in the SW corner of your home can be brought in with artwork, lighting, paint colours, red candles, red cushions, crystals, and decorative objects in pairs such as love birds.

Don’ts: Shoe rack, laundry bin, paper shredder, tools are considered as harmful as they sabotage your love luck.

Masculine Yang Energy
The North West corner represents opportunity and the ability to produce wealth and income.

Do’s: Metal sculptures and picture frames, clay figurines, crystals, terracotta candle holders and earthenware vessels to activate the earth element.

Don’ts: Avoid strong fire or water elements such as candles or a fish tank, and avoid having a kitchen in the NW corner.

For Marriage

Do’s: incorporate the Dragon-Phoenix symbol at your wedding banquet which represents marriage luck and conjugal happiness, use red ink in your wedding invitation card, and place a Swastik/Kalash or Lord Ganesha on your invitation card to ensure a successful married life.

Don’ts: blue ink in your wedding invitation as it is a water element and signifies instability

The Bedroom:

Do’s: have things in pairs – lamps, bird sculptures, furniture. The peony is regarded as the most supreme of all flowers, creating love and romance energy between the couple.  The beautiful painting of blooming peonies inside the bedroom can bring excitement, passion and intimacy in couple’s first ten years of marriage. This will also help many singles to find their first true love.

Don’ts: avoid placing your bed under a beam or hanging soffit, avoid any columns where the corners point towards the bed. These elements send intangible poisonous energy towards the couple when they are lying on the bed.

Love is an inherent and necessary attribute of humanity. Love is considered as a glue of life that keeps two people stuck together. At times, love is difficult to find and maintain but Feng Shui can help.