Rimpy Sahota makes her mark – MADE IN CANADA FASHION


A Canadian designer, born and raised in Kitimat, making waves globally with her Made in Canada clothing brand. Rimpy Sahota is a dream success story. She’s a Canadian female entrepreneur designer. We’ll just refer to her as power woman. We asked her what it means to be a Canadian and what are some of the Canadian things she enjoys most.

What does it mean to be a Canadian?

I feel a sense of pride in my heart when I say I am a Canadian. Canada has done so much for my family. My parents grew up in India, came here with next to nothing ($7) and the opportunities that Canada has given to them is just unbelievable. They got so many opportunities even though they didn’t speak a word of English.

What changes have you seen in Canada over the years?

What I have seen is that Canada is becoming more independent and becoming really proud. The people and the country is just beautiful and its about time we get out of the safety belt of our neighbours.

What are some really Canadian things about you that people don’t know?

I lived in Montreal for a while. I’ve only ever designed for Canadian brands. I LOVE poutine, I love going hiking, love snow and snow driving, Tim Hortons I love but a Starbucks Americano just hits the spot! Just me, at all angles. I get scared when I’m not on Canadian land. I’m always celebrating Canada Day. Love the outdoors, going for runs, hikes, the beach and love the Canadian summers.

We shared some more laughter and then I asked Rimpy for her special message to her Canadian readers:

I consider myself as more of an entrepreneur than a designer. So a huge part of our brand is to work with non-profits. I’m giving our scholarships to students. We are working with SOAR to help support students and pushing education. I feel grateful for this country and also the university and the knowledge i’ve gained. Another non-profit is Help Change My City. It is so important to volunteer and give back. I just hope to be a role model for the younger generation.

Rimpy Sahota has some amazing velvet dresses coming for the fall season as well as a special capsule of couture dresses. It’s been tastefully done and there’s been a lot of vintage inspiration. Find out more about where you can pick up a Rimpy Sahota dress from www.rimpysahota.com.