by Hari Narang 

Is Your Success Orgasmic?

Are you an Alpha female?

Studies indicate that women with drive, ambition, competitiveness and striving for power tend to have higher levels of testosterone which ultimately makes one more sexual.

Traditionally in South Asian society, it has been men that have dominated the business world and positions of power. Despite being born and raised in a western culture, the upbringing of South Asian women remains to be with a traditional mindset in a male dominant hierarchical society.  ­­­However, in the past few decades, women have come a long way and have excelled in every field, breaking the chains of societal burden. More and more women are taking a position of authority.

What effect does your mindset (either traditional or competitive) have on your sexual drive? Take a sneak peek into your own mind and decide how you feel about being on the top, literally and figuratively!

  1. Does achieving success make you more sexually aroused? Or does your ambition make you emotionally and sexually cold?
  2. Does being in a position of power at work make you intimidate, control and demand in bed? Or do you let go after a long hard day at work and let your partner be dominant in love making?
  3. Being highly driven, do you like to be adventurous and experimental in sex? Or do you lay back and prefer a conventional missionary position? Or does your pre-occupation with success affect your ability to reach an orgasm?
  4. Being ambitious and powerful do you long to have more, something different, something extra on the side, seek a stranger for a one-night stand? Or do you always go back to your partner?
  5. Being in a position of power, do you find men are afraid of you and feel threatened by your success? Or do you think men find your success exciting and desire you more?

Some studies show that a woman’s success affects the ego of her male partner and makes him question his own self-worth. This may especially be true in a male-dominated society. Success of a woman may make her partner feel like a failure, and his struggle with this reality may make him emotionally and sexually distant which may affect the relationship in bed.

There is a cliché that behind every successful man, is a woman. But does the success and power of a woman become an instrument in her man’s downfall?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hari is an Occupational Therapist and  a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Disclaimer and acknowledgment

The contents in this article are for general interest only. It is not intended to create any prejudice or suggest any promiscuous behavior or any psycho-emotional effects on the reader. The writer acknowledges researching various literature in preparation of this article.