Cars I Drive: Audi S6

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by Junita Thakorlal

For Sid Sidhu, practicality is everything. As a marketing manager for telcom giant Telus Communications, Sidhu manages business strategy for the Vancouver Island region, and consults on regional marketing projects in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions, which means he drives…a lot. Spending time in his car calls for convenience which he claims he gets from his current ride, the Audi S6.

“I’ve always loved Audi cars,” shares Sidhu. “Prior to owning this one, I owned an Audi A4. I love Audi’s sleek design, and it works with my style – sharp and practical.”

Sidhu also owns a social media marketing company called Vercity Properties, where he markets million dollar luxury property listings on instagram. Being a millenial, the Audi brand got him at first but the number one reason why Sidhu loves his vehicle is practicality.

Reasons why I drive an Audi:
1. Quattro – this means it’s an all wheel drive so snow or shine, he is always on the go, not to mention the sport differential actively distributes torque to his rear wheels so he can accelerate into curves and turns perfectly.

2. Multimedia Interface – there’a dial controller, buttons, and touchpad on the console which allows him to be connected all the time to the smartphone interface so he never misses a beat between his apps, calls, and messages. The connection supports live traffic, current public parking garage capacity, gasoline prices, weather, and his fave – location-based Wikipedia.

3. Idle-stop – the engine seamlessly shuts down at traffic stops, reducing emissions, reducing engine wear, and saving gas.

4. Luxurious – not only is the interior spacious but it’s luxurious (in a practical way). There are natural wood inlays, leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel, wrap-around driver-centric dashboard, heated eight-way power seats, and a Bose 14-speaker surround sound system.

5. Spacious – the Audi S6 is a full-size sedan with spacious back seats and a large trunk space so he can cart around his gym gear and his entourage in style.

Favourite past-time: I’m very active and love going for different hikes across BC. I can take this car anywhere.

My first car: Dodge Charger

My dream car: Aston Martin Rapide S. I love a practical car – it’s a 4 door sports car –V12 with over 550 bhp – this is as best as 4 door could ever get.


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